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    SANHUI Mini-size 65cm Linda #1, фото 2

    SANHUI Mini-size 65cm Linda #1

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    We construct our dolls with the highest quality Материалs. Our силикон is a medical grade platinum cured силикон imported from Japan that is non-toxic, odor-free, Shore hardness 0 degrees and below, stretches 450%, tear resistance degree is 450Mpa. We use durable stainless steel to create our skeletons and wrap it in an environmentally friendly soft foam to simulate human muscles. The mechanism of the skeleton on this model is a flexible "goosneck" which is able to bend in all directions. Her breasts are filled with soft силикон implants.She is really easy to take along and store, if you have to travel a lot, or you don't have much room in you house, she is the perfect one for you. Also if you don't know much about силикон sex dolls, and want to have your first one, she is a really good choice, she's small, which will not cost you much, she's high quality which will make you totally get what it feels like to own a силикон doll. She comes in 4 different kinds of faces and 3 kinds of bust width. She only has a vaginal orifice.SpecificationsHeight: 65 см. (2'2'')Face Choice: Face #1/ Face #2/ Face #3/ Face #4Package Size: 70 см. *28 см. *15 см. /(2'5'')*(11'')*(6'')Weight: Before Packed 3Kg(6.6lb), after Packed 3.5Kg(7.7lb)Bust: Large 33 см. (1'1'')/ Medium 30 см. (12'')/ Small 28 см. (11'')Waist: 22 см. (9'')Hip: 32 см. (1'1/2'')Vagina Depth: 14 см. (5.5'')
    Данный товар продается на условиях абсолютной анонимности!!!
    Посылка будет упакована в НЕ ПРОЗРАЧНУЮ коробку, подписано будет "ПОДАРОК или СУВЕНИР"


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